Lets build together! 


At the crossroads of opulent silk design and glamorous illumination, we introduce the magnificent result of a serendipitous encounter.

Picture this: Owners, Helen & Murat, brought together by a chance encounter at High Pont and Las Vegas Markets, created a collaboration, The Turkish Silk Ikat Shade. Enter MD Home, a treasure trove of lavish silk and velvet materials eagerly awaiting their transformation into lampshades tailored by Bibelot Home to your taste and dimensions. 

How to Begin? It’s a breeze! We recommend taking the first step by completing our easy online Trade Application. Once done, our dedicated team member will guide you through the seamless process — from selecting the fabric to crafting the perfect lampshade, befitting your vision and preferences.

Our turnaround time from ordering the fabric to the finished shade is about 3 weeks. 

Short on time? No worries! Reach out to us directly:

  • Email: helen@bibelothome.com
  • Call Helen Rutledge: 843-532-478

to the trade application

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