illuminating holiday magic!

Holiday Cheer is in the Air!

We love Charleston and are so grateful for all your support, friendship and endless inspiration the Low Country brings to all our creations.  

When Helen envisioned a Holiday Shade and Lamp, she wanted to capture the rich hues of holiday ornaments that would cast an alluring glow when lit. Our Shade does just that – a luminary delight that will light up rooms and kindle a festive spirit. We designed it with Charleston in mind and hope that it will become a beloved symbol of the holiday season passed down from generation to generation. 
Charleston is our home and we would love for you to embrace our burgeoning business. We are offering 30% off and free delivery – we will hand deliver as many as we can by ourselves (sorry, no sleigh or reindeer). Handmade…hand delivered for everyone who wants this unique holiday addition. 
Help us make our Holiday Wishes become a reality. Let us be part of your season with our design.

Use Promo Code CHSElves and your discount will be applied when you checkout.

 Happy Holidays,

Helen & James

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